Kriminal-Fatal Theresa Tschira
Theresa Tschira / Miss Susi
Kriminal-Fatal Ruth Oehler
Ruth Oehler / Mrs. Perle
Kriminal-Fatal Philipp Nägele
Phillipp Nägele / Detective Lennert (Team Freiburg)

Crack the Case

One threatening letter, three detectives and many questions…
Is a murder planned? Will someone be poisoned?
Does jealousy play a role? Who is deceiving whom?
And above all…why?

In an attempt to solve the case, Chief Investigator Lennert must juggle the charms of his colleague Susi with his collecting of evidence and the biting remarks of the forensic specialist, Mrs. Perle, all the while tripping over his own feet.


Help to solve the case!

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